Consider this when choosing a trolley

To help you, we have put together a list of questions you can ask yourself. As specialists in in-house material handling we know how to rationalise costs for transports in the industrial sector, health care, warehouses and offices.

What should be handled?
The shape and weight of what is being handled, determines shelf size and loading capacity.

How should it be handled?
Unsorted, stacked or placed in compartments, boxes, crates or plastic boxes for example.

Aisle width, lifts and doors determine the total measurements of the trolley.

Is the solution flexible?
The solution in which you invest must be flexible and adaptable to new circumstances. To what extend are the products adjustable and are there any accessories available?

Who's handling the product?
It is people who shall make sure everything's working the way it should, therefore they must be comfortable with the solution.

How far and how often?
Picking a solution with excessive capacity is as uneconomic as picking one too narrow.

Is it possible to adapt the trolley solution according to business requirements and personnel needs?